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"Olivia and Audrey did a wonderful job performing for our residents at The New Jewish Home. They were professional, talented, and friendly during our correspondents and were easy to communicate with. The residents had a lot of fun watching the show and enjoyed listening to their beautiful music. Olivia and Audrey also took the time to provide our Home with several zoom concerts during the pandemic. The residents were thrilled to be able to see them in person and enjoy live music again. We are looking forward to any projects and performances Olivia and Audrey may have in the future."

Stephanie Spry, The New Jewish Home

"Olivia and Audrey brought smiles and warmth to our community this afternoon! Their personalities, youth, and beautiful talent kept our Residents, Staff, and Families engaged. We cannot wait to have them back."

Jackie Lebau, 80th Street Residence

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Founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Accessible Acts NYC is a non-profit organization that connects talented high school students to performance opportunities in senior centers around New York City. Providing a number of in-person performance opportunities, Accessible Acts NYC...

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