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Welcome to Accessible Acts NYC

Senior Center performances around New York City

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Help us make New York City more accessible, one act at a time.

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Our Purpose

By providing accessible performances to New York's most vulnerable, we can give back to our community while simultaneously creating meaningful relationships and producing beautiful music. Through our performances, we aspire to invoke joy, warmth, and intergenerational connections.

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The Founders


Olivia Goldfinger

A singer since preschool, Olivia has loved performing her whole life. She enjoys singing everything from pop to oldies to jazz, and she herself is an aspiring songwriter. In addition to singing, she also loves to play sports, read, cook, and travel.


Audrey Feigin

Audrey loves to play the piano, and she has been doing so for many years. She originally started as a classical pianist, but recently she has been more interested in vocal accompaniment. Audrey loves cats, traveling, reading, and baking.

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Our Performers

Bella Rosenfeld

Olivia Oh

Jack Maguire

Beatrice Glassner

Libby Stearns

Vivienne Jones

Sienna Gruss

Eleanor Adams

Madeleine Higgins

Michelle Hu

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With special appearances by...

Yale Something Extra

The Brearley B-Naturals

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